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Barely few weeks after the registration for the COVID-19 TCF loan was officially closed in April, many applicants have been receiving approval and disbursement.

As some applicants share their joy of receiving their disbursement, many are still anxiously waiting for their approval. While some express their bitter experience.

Some say they didn’t receive any approval but only to their surprise was to be notified that the loan offer was automatically rejected for not accepting the offer after some days.

Meanwhile, there is supposed to be a notification sms / email stating the approved amount, terms and conditions of the loan and acceptance link, according to report.

It was gathered that if there has been an offer and it was not accepted after a period of time, probably one week according to applicants comment, the offer would be rejected.

To avoid such problems, every applicant is advised to be vigilant and periodically check their application status.

To check your COVID-19 TCF loan status, click this link COVID-19 TCF approval status. Select either SME or Household. Input your BVN and click Validate BVN button. You’ll know your approval status through that.

In case it shows “This BVN does not exist” don’t worry, just try it another time. To be on a safe side, check it at least twice in a week.

Pls share to others