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By Femowei Braye Friday

Most communities in the Niger Delta region are supplied heavy duty generator sets ranging between 350 KVA to 1500 KVA or as the case may be whereby there are complementary diesel that goes with it .

In most cases the said  generators are lit only when  one influential big or I pass my neighbour fellow has got one event to celebrate or perhaps when there is a collective communal program is being organised and afterwards they are put out till the next program comes up on stream .

The donor agencies oil coys, NDDC and others in  some cases would supply diesel or alternatively give out the supply to some shady suppliers who constitutes sharp practices on the supply of diesel in powering these sets and in most we have the said diesels sold off onshore by the people at the helms of affairs in our communities and in some cases sabotage the functionality of the generating sets where major parts gets missing in collaboration with extrogenous  or endogenous forces  putting the communities in total darkness and defeating the very purpose of donating the generating sets .

These sharp practices if not nipped in the bud would keep on casting  our various communities in perpetual darkness just like the proverbial euphemism of the “Dark Continent ”

The plethora of the foregoing if properly analysed would suggest that rather than donate generators that serve no purpose the alternative power generation in place of the Gas powered Turbine be put into consideration while the short medium and long  term problematique of gas flaring can be addressed .

The political class of the NDR can start thinking towards this initiative in my estimation.

If this feat can be achieved in Oghulagha in Burutu, Brass , Abonima , Gbaraun Ibie in Yenagoa why can’t it be replicated in all other communities .

Just thinking aloud though.


Femowei Braye Friday 
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