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A Niger Delta ex-agitator and National President of Leadership, Peace, Cultural Development Initiative ( LPCDI), Pastor Reuben Wilson has cleared the air on the recent publication credited to the Amnesty Office to the effect that it made bulk payment into his personal account as ex-millitant leader.

Reacting to the statement, Pastor Reuben said he decided to clear the air as well as to set the records straight in order to dispel any misconceptions by the public from the said publication.

According to him, the bulk payment by the Amnesty Office paid into his personal account was not his personal money but stipends meant for the four hundred and eleven (411) ex-millitants in his camp.

He noted that the money is being paid into a single account of the ex-millitant leader in each camp and thereafter the bank will credit the individual account of the boys in the various camps.

Reuben said it is wicked, baseless and uncharitable for some persons to start insinuating that monies have been paid into his account for his personal use forgetting that immediately payment is made into the account the bank will also credit the individual account of his followers.

He said : ” when some of my boys went for studies abroad and the difficulty associated with obtaining BVN, I called a meeting of the boys in my camp and it was agreed that the N65,000 being the stipends for my boys be paid into my personal account and later distributed to their individual accounts.

” Some persons are thinking that the Amnesty Office has paid money into my personal account. No, it is for the 411 persons in my camp. It is for my boys, not my money.

” In my camp you could attest to the fact that my boys have never complained of not being paid their monthly stipends, he said.

Also reacting to the publication, Comr. Fred Bowene, the second in command to Pastor Reuben said the publication is done in bad fate with the intention to mislead the public and tarnish the good reputation of Pastor Reuben.

Bowene further said that Pastor Reuben is a leader the carriers everybody along without discrimination, adding that his open heartedness and generosity has endeared him to the boys in his camp.

” Pastor Reuben is one of the few ex-millitant leaders that does not discriminate neither does he sidelined anyone.”

Comr. Joseph Dan-Godson, Secretary to General Reuben said Pastor Reuben is one of the good leaders in the Niger Delta, stating that his sincerity and simplicity stands him out as a leader.

Dan-Godson said: ” In the barrack there is no complain between the boys and Pastor Reuben, if there is any problem it should have been possibly from commanders, the secretary and the executive but as it stands the whole barrack is peaceful. There is unity among the boys in the camp.

” We are behind him. Whosoever is looking for a way to cause disunity in the camp have already failed. Some persons, out of envy are trying to pull Pastor down and the only way the feel is to start making all manner of unfounded insinuations”, he concluded

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